Strategic partnerships in Canada

Published On: 8. January 2024

We proudly announce the merger of Moore Equine, one of the largest and most reputable equine clinics in Canada.

Moore Equine’s reputation as a top-tier clinic with exceptional veterinarians and modern equipment makes them an ideal partner for our Altano group. Their commitment to high-quality medicine and education aligns perfectly with our vision. Moore Equine’s robust education program – which includes training six interns annually – provides incredible value to the veterinary community.

We are looking forward to creating a strengthening partnership that will create more growth opportunities for Moore Equine. Dr. Chris Berezowski, owner-veterinarian at Moore Equine, looks forward to a broader range of medical knowledge and cases saying, “This partnership will connect us to a global network of top-tier equine veterinary professionals. This worldwide expertise will help us continue to provide excellent patient care and service to our clients, wherever their equestrian goals take them.”

We are looking forward with excitement to the future with our North American partners. Dr Victor Baltus, Founder of and CEO International at Altano, expresses pride in welcoming Moore Equine as the first major addition in Canada, stating, “Altano is motivated to have found a great partner in Canada to continue our global journey to shape the future of equine medicine.”

With shared values, a focus on education and quality care, and a vision for the future, Altano and Moore Equine are set to make significant strides in advancing veterinary care for horses in North America and beyond.

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