Merger with Cavallovet / Nicolas de Mitri

Published On: 29. May 2024

We are very pleased to welcome Cavallovet / Nicolas de Mitri to our Altano Group.

Cavallovet is an ambulatory practice that focused soley on trotters and has been incorporated into Mälaren Hästklinik to further expand and strengthen the presence within the trotting field. Mälaren Hästklinik is one of Sweden’s leading horse clinics and is part of our Altano Group since 2021. Mälaren Hästklinik offers services such as orthopedics, surgery, imaging, dentistry, rehabilitation and internal medicine. The company consists of clinics in Sigtuna, Sjöbacka, Linköping, Vallentuna, Örebro and Runsten. The aim of the clinics is to provide every horse and owner with the best care and quality at all levels.

We are very delighted to have Cavallovet as a great support in outpatient care, especially for trotting horses.

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