One Group • One Vision

ALTANO is the world’s leading group of horse clinics. Together the best for the welfare of animals.

This is what we strive for

High Medical Standards: We aim to establish the highest medical standards at all clinics & practices worldwide.

Employer of Choice: We aim to become the greatest place to work in the veterinary sector.

Customer Experience: We aim to deliver exceptional treatments & transparent communication to our clients.

Sustainable Business: We aim to be successful and achieve a more sustainable future for all of us.

Our Mission

Our Values

Passion for animals

Passion for animals

Animal welfare is our shared purpose, and we give our best for the animal every single day.



We respect every team member and support each other to achieve the best results for our patients.



We are passionate about learning, sharing our knowledge and improving – as individuals and as a team.



We care deeply about the animals we treat and the world we live in.

A powerful team

In addition to our practices and clinics, our vision is supported by a strong Altano team, which is responsible for a wide range of issues.

Structure of the Altano Group

  • Our strength lies in the autonomy of the clinics.
  • Our strong network includes clinics and practices in 10 country groups, each with a Medical Officer, Finance Manager and an Operations Manager.
  • Regular Country Medical Boards guarantee the transfer of knowledge within each of the country groups.
  • The chairpersons of the Country Medical Boards form the International Medical Board, which facilitates cross-country exchange.
  • Specialists from all clinics and practices form task forces that focus on a range of topics in their specialties and present the results at the Altano Academy.
  • In the same way that the operating and treatment room is the heart of any clinic, the Altano Academy is the heart of the Altano Group.
Altano Haus - International

Altano – Our Inspiration and Namesake

A racehorse with a unique story

From invalid to champion – that is the best way to describe his career. While his track record makes impressive reading, a successful racing career wasn’t always on the cards for Altano.

With a displacement of the soft palate and a cartilage-bone fragment in his fetlock joint, the gelding had no future in endurance sport.  He was considered a hopeless case. The breeder gifted the thoroughbred to a vet who believed in the horse. Altano underwent surgery, treatment and went on to make a full recovery. The vet’s trust in the power of medicine and the strong character of the horse was rewarded many times over by Altano’s numerous successes in international races. Today, Altano is enjoying his retirement and is active as a riding horse.

The name Altano represents both the origins and the future of our group. It stands for the sound medical expertise with which we care for our patients and it also reflects our conviction that every animal deserves a chance to be treated and healed – because every animal is precious.

Geboren: 31. Januar 2006
Abstammung: Von Galileo aus der Alanda von Lando
Züchter: Manfred Ostermann
Trainer: Andreas Wöhler
Erfolge: 28 Lebensstarts davon
13 x erster Platz
(davon 6 Gruppe-Rennen gewonnen)
6 x zweiter Platz
2 x dritter Platz
Größter Erfolg: Prix du Cadran Gruppe I
in Longchamp 2013
Lange Strecken

Become Part of the Altano Group

We are constantly expanding our network. Whether you’re interested in a career at Altano or in becoming a member of our group of clinics and practices – we’d love to hear from you.