One Group, One Vision – Learn more about what Altano Group stands for:

We are passionate about building an international network of horse clinics and practices to provide the best medical care for your horse.

In our group, we attach great importance to continuous further training and the exchange of knowledge between our veterinary experts. This ensures that our teams are always up to date with the latest medical developments and can provide your horse with the best possible care. We know that administrative and management tasks take up a lot of time. That’s why we provide our clinics and practices with long-term support in these areas, so that they can concentrate fully on the most important thing: providing the best possible medical care for your animal.

We are all united by a common goal: the health of our animals

Veterinary medicine is developing rapidly and, as in human medicine, more and more specialist and specialized fields are emerging, the knowledge gained is growing exponentially and diagnoses and treatments are becoming more targeted. Fortunately – because this means we can help our beloved four-legged friends better and better. In order to share and exchange this knowledge and make it available to as many animals as possible, we unite clinics and practices all over the world. All locations remain independent.

If the clinic you trust is or has recently become part of the group, this means for you in short: the clinic and the team will remain as familiar to you. We provide organizational support and open the door to a unique network so that the teams, and therefore you and your animal, have more time and expert knowledge available.

This means for you as an animal owner:

The best medical care and more focus on your horse

By joining forces with Altano, our clinics and practices receive valuable support in clinic management, finance, human resources and other areas. This means that our veterinarians and our team can focus on the medicine and health of your horse. The welfare and best possible care of your horse is our focus.


International exchange of knowledge for (special) cases

Thanks to the Group’s strong international network, our veterinarians can exchange information on (special) cases with experts worldwide. This allows clinics and practices to benefit from proven experience and provide the best possible care for your horse, even in special situations.

The highest medical standards for your horse

As part of the group, each clinic and practice has access to the latest technology and high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment. Your horse benefits from innovative diagnostics and advanced treatment methods.

Motivated team for the welfare of your horse

A good and inspiring working environment for our specialists and veterinarians is very important to us. Altano wants to create a positive working atmosphere for all employees and offer them the opportunity to work together as a team every day to care for the animals with the best specialist knowledge.

The future of your horse clinic / practice is secure

The merger with Altano ensures the succession of all clinics and practices. This allows us to ensure that you will continue to have a reliable and high-quality horse clinic (and emergency services) in your area in the future.

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