Our Team


Dr. Victor Baltus

Sonja Rachor

Axel Wallman

Team Altano International

Erik Bergman
Chief Medical Officer

Thijs van Loon
Chief Anaesthesia & Analgesia
Specialist International

Hella von Lützau
Director of Business Coordination

Manuel Erath
Head of M&A and BD

Sara Schwaaf
Senior Group Accounting & Reporting

Vivian Mester
Senior Marketing Manager

Sascha Wingen
Head of People & Projects

Verena Feldmann
Project Management

Tina Falkenberg
HR Specialist Talent Acquisition

Rika Große-Oetringhaus
Support Altano Academy

Country Holdings


Holger Fischer
Chief Medical Officer Germany

Birte Hegge
COO Germany

Teresa Leßmann
CFO Germany

Sabine Gerstenmaier
Human Ressource Manager

Franziska Ferkmann
Procurement Manager

Jan Bergmann
Junior Controller

Lea Marie Brüning
Junior Marketing Manager

Laura Sonntag
Commercial Clerk Insurance

Support Pharmacy

Dr. Nane König
Support Pharmacy

Support Pharmacy

Annegret Keiter
Support Pharmacy

Team Assistant

Monika Feldmann
Team Assistant


Erik Bergman
Chief Medical Officer Benelux

CFO Benelux

Ron van Ewijk
CFO Benelux


Dr. Gustaf Croon
Chief Medical Officer Sweden

Camilla Beijer
CFO Sweden & Denmark


Chief Medical Officer Denmark

Michael Hansen
Chief Medical Officer Denmark

Dorthe Rasmussen
COO Denmark

Camilla Beijer
CFO Sweden & Denmark


Dr. Fabrice Rossignol
Chief Medical Officer France

Laurent Goguelin
CFO France

Aurore Kubica
Project Manager Assistant

Junior Business Controller

Majda Damou
Junior Business Controller

North America

Lisa Floyd
COO North America

Bill Gorski
CFO North America

Jamie O’Flynn
Director of Talent Acquisition

Mandy Tanner
Director of HR

Dan Mollet
Accounting Manager

Jason Robinson

Bryce Morgan 
Network Veterinary Technician

New Zealand

Daniel Hirschi
CFO New Zealand

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