Altano Academy: Learn From the Best

Altano strives to provide its employees with the highest possible level of professional development. Highly trained professionals are the key to providing first-class care to our patients and achieving the performance standards that we set. We support the professional and personal development of our employees with customised training programmes – so that they can realise their full potential. In addition to this, we offer a range of apprenticeships, externships and internships, enabling trainees to lay the foundation for a successful career at the Altano Group.

Our Objectives

  • Promote and develop career opportunities for our employees
  • The creation of enjoyable learning environments
  • Direct access to Altano’s recognised institutes of further education and authorised, specialty-specific trainers.
  • Promotion of team spirit and cohesion within the Altano Group

In addition to sound, hands-on clinical training, we place great emphasis on the continuous transfer of knowledge within the Altano Group. The latest medical findings and the treatment methods of Altano’s top veterinarians are discussed in exchange groups and subsequently presented during the course of regular seminars. New scientific findings and years of clinical experience are shared in journal clubs and at in-house events. Altano supports the further qualification of its employees by providing external training and by giving their employees paid leave to attend national and international congresses as well as covering the associated costs.

Our Development Programmes

The aim of this voluntary postgraduate programme is to achieve specialisation at the very highest level. The training consists of a one-year internship followed by a residency. It is offered in a variety of specialties by the European Colleges. The European Colleges are a pan-European network of specialists that work together to educate vets to attain the title of “Diplomate of the European College”. The standards set by the European Colleges are laid out in their constitutions. The 3 year full-time programme (“Standard Residency”) or the 5-7 year part-time programme (“Alternative Residency”) is completed at an accredited training institution and includes, in addition to clinical training, regular journal clubs, the publication of scientific papers in international journals and a centralised examination that takes place over several days. Diplomates must be re-evaluated by the respective College every five years according to the requirements set out in their constitutions.

In order to drive knowledge growth in modern veterinary medicine and to position itself for the future, the Altano Group is committed to the facilitating the specialisation of veterinarians. It is possible to complete training programmes to become a specialist veterinarian (Fachtierarzt) at selected Altano Group clinics in Germany. Specialties include equine orthopaedics or equine surgery. At international level and upon completion of an internship, our employees can study to become a Diplomate of the European Colleges. If they choose to pursue this demanding qualification, they can rely on our full support.

Many of the Altano Group’s clinics are full-service medical facilities that provide care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With their advanced diagnostic imaging equipment, laboratories, dispensaries and isolation wards, our clinics and practices have the necessary resources to diagnose and treat a wide range of cases. Once veterinary graduates have successfully completed their studies, we offer them a learning environment in which they are confronted with a wide range of different medical conditions, especially in horses.

The internship programme, which usually takes 12 months, provides the opportunity to gain a deep insight into various veterinary specialties. The main focus is on the care of inpatients during day, night and weekend duty. As a graduate, you will receive intensive training from our veterinarians at the different departments. Additionally, the Altano Academy, the Altano Exchange Groups, the Journal Clubs and the Altano Clubs will give you the opportunity to develop your scientific expertise. At the end of this internship programme, you will have gained a comprehensive insight into the specialities of veterinary medicine and will be able to provide the best possible care for the animals entrusted to you and give expert advice to our clients. Upon completion of the internship, the veterinarians are very well prepared a residency.

You can become part of our growing network while you are still at university. By participating in externships, we enable you to gain your first experience in practical veterinary medicine at our clinics and learn from our experienced staff. You can assist with the treatment of complex disorders and unusual cases as well with routine treatment, under the supervision and instruction of our team. Depending on the clinic in question, students may also have the opportunity to rotate through different departments. We are also delighted to welcome students from other countries and value the contribution they make to our open and diverse corporate culture. We require interns to have experience in dealing with horses as well as good knowledge of the local language (Level B1 or above). We can provide accommodation for the duration of the internship at many locations. Please send us your application and don’t forget to specify details of when and for how long you would like to work with us ► Initiative application form

Altano Academy

In the same way that the operating and treatment room is the heart of any clinic, the Altano Academy is the heart of the Altano Group. The Altano Academy brings our employees together. The Academy has already launched numerous programmes such as the Manager Days, the Altano Clubs, an annual Pharmacist Day and the Altano Future Days. These events provide individual support for the lifelong learning of every professional in the Altano teams.

By cooperating at international level in exchange groups and task forces, training programmes are developed, coordinated and made available to the entire group. You can find more information on our Academy Website.

In addition to online courses, we organise seminars and face-to-face workshops at our clinics. Participants benefit greatly from the expertise of both in-house and external specialists. Altano Connect is a job-rotation programme within the Altano Group, which provides our employees with the opportunity to gain new, behind-the-scenes perspectives at other clinics and shed new light on processes at their own clinic. The knowledge transfer within the group as well as between human and veterinary medicine and the universities is what makes our Academy programme so valuable.

Become Part of the Altano Group

We are constantly expanding our network. Whether you’re interested in a career at Altano or in becoming a member of our group of clinics and practices – we’d love to hear from you.