Strong Network

The members of the Altano Group share a common understanding of quality, professionalism and cooperation. We are committed to the very highest standards of veterinary care.

We not only provide our members with organisational and financial support; we also provide them with advice on the implementation of current legislation. Our clinics and practices remain operationally autonomous and can concentrate on what is really important – treating and caring for their patients. Because our top priority is the welfare of animals.

Membership Benefits

Operational Autonomy

Operational Autonomy

  • High degree of individual responsibility
  • Continuation of successful philosophy and retention of the existing network

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

  • Professional network of experienced specialists
  • Continuous professional exchange within the group in order to achieve optimal standards of veterinary care.

Training and Further Education

Training and Further Education

  • The Altano Academy provides individual development possibilities for all employees.
  • Authorised by the European Colleges to provide further education and train veterinary specialists

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

  • Focus on employee retention
  • Individual solutions that enable a great mix of work and family life
  • Friendly working atmosphere and positive corporate culture

Exploiting Synergies

Exploiting Synergies

  • Increase in case numbers and close professional exchange with specialists
  • Referral of clients and patients within the group

Bundling of Skills

Bundling of Skills

  • Regular exchange among specialist veterinarians regarding the latest medical findings and innovative techniques
  • Development and implementation of uniform treatment standards



  • Optimal equipment and materials as well as innovative technologies
  • Joint planning of clinic expansion and necessary acquisitions



  • Joint development of a succession plan to ensure the continuation of one’s life work
  • Peace of mind for employees and clients

What Can Altano Do for You?

Managing a clinic or practice is a complex and time-consuming challenge. In cooperation with your clinic management, we can make it easier for you to deal with bureaucratic and organisational tasks:

  • Personnel, staff scheduling, recruiting
  • Clinic manager
  • Procurement
  • IT and practice software (easyVET etc.)
  • Intranet (AltanoNet)
  • Marketing and communication
It is essential to regularly monitor and carefully implement changing laws and regulations. Failure to do so can have serious consequences. We keep you up to date regarding legal issues and provide professional support when it comes to the implementation of laws and regulations:

  • Pharmacy law
  • Data protection
  • Labour law and legal disputes
  • Quality management
Does managing the red tape at your clinic keep you from focusing on what you do best? We help you free up time for veterinary work and provide you with a uniform structure and support in the following areas:

  • Budgeting and planning of investments
  • Financial management and controlling
  • Tax advisory
  • Insurance
The exchange of experience and knowledge is our greatest strength. At the Altano Group, we promote the regular training and further education of all staff members. A variety of different formats provide space to share questions, present innovative techniques and discuss the latest medical findings. Here are some of the programmes we have implemented:

  • Medical Board
  • Manager Days
  • Pharmacist Day
  • Altano Academy
  • Altano Future Days
  • Altano Next Level
  • Altano Club
  • Altano Connect

Dr. Victor Baltus

Tierklinik Karthaus

„The Altano Group has enabled me to secure the long-term succession of my clinic for my employees and clients. At the same time, under the umbrella of the Altano Group, I am offered every opportunity to achieve our most important goal – improving the quality and speed of the medical care that we provide to our patients

Dr. Ulrich Walliser

Pferdeklinik in Kirchheim

„With the Altano Group we have found a partner who shares our ambitions and supports our growth strategy. Our common goal is to build the world’s leading group of equine clinics„

Dr. Uwe Heidbrink

Pferdeklinik Kirchberg

„We see the collaboration between the Altano Group and Ufenau as the right way forward for the evolution of equine clinics that have already achieved a high level of expertise. This cooperation will enable clinics to pursue the continued advancement of equine medicine and work in a commercially well-structured manner in the long term. Together, we will be able to provide young veterinarians with high-quality training and further education

Dr. Stefan von Bieberstein

Pferdeklinik Bieberstein

„The bringing together of leading equine clinics by the Altano Group is ground breaking and it enables us to exchange knowledge at the very highest level and create value for our patients, clients, and staff’“

Dr. Holger Fischer

Pferdeklinik Grosswallstadt

„With Ufenau and the Altano Group, we have found a partner who works with us side by side and has the understanding of the market to continually develop our equine clinic in the long term“

Dr. Philipp Lingens

Pferdeklinik Ankum

„We welcome the fact that the Altano Group has created a platform for the regular exchange of medical and business knowledge. The cooperation among clinics and the further education of young veterinarians within the group makes it possible to train our team to a high level in different specialties and offer them long-term development opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous advantages to joining forces with the Altano Group. These include, for example, close cooperation within the group as a whole, the exchange of knowledge, and support regarding business related issues.
We know that the employees are the heart and soul of any business. Their commitment, qualifications and empathy are what makes a clinic/practice special. We aim to create a good working atmosphere and motivate the team by providing further education and training.
Your business will retain its brand name. Over the years, you have built up a reputation that we, as the Altano Group, value and respect. It is important to us that your clinic retains the identity that your clients know and trust.
We are currently on the lookout for suitable partners worldwide. These can be either equine clinics or general veterinary practices. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Altano Group, just give us a call. We would be delighted to arrange an informal introductory meeting.
  • Group-wide administration of clinic processes
  • Support from the Altano team in various organisational matters as well as in compliance relating to occupational health and safety, data protection, hygiene, and pharmacy law
  • Introduction of standardised operating systems
  • Time tracking and staff scheduling
  • Standardised and group-wide reporting
  • Centralised price negotiation with decentralised purchasing
  • Standardised insurance concept
  • Operational autonomy
  • The brand name of your business
  • Independence with regard to medical care
  • Established processes and the everyday working environment
  • Veterinarians will continue to be employed by the respective veterinary clinic and will remain members of the respective veterinary chamber and pension scheme.
  • Focus on the treatment, care and welfare of animals

Become Part of the Altano Group

We are constantly expanding our network. Whether you’re interested in a career at Altano or in becoming a member of our group of clinics and practices – we’d love to hear from you.