Our commitment to greater sustainability:

In addition to animal welfare, the well-being of our employees and our green hoof print are also very important to us. Sustainable business is one of our four strategic goals and sustainability is part of our corporate values. We are highly committed to making a positive contribution to a sustainable future – not only for the present, but also for future generations. Our focus is on the environment, responsible corporate governance and social responsibility.

This year, we had our sustainability performance assessed by a globally recognized sustainability platform called EcoVadis. Companies that successfully complete the EcoVadis assessment process and demonstrate an established management system are awarded a medal. The EcoVadis assessment is based on internationally recognized sustainability standards and evaluates companies in several categories, including environmental, social, ethical and sustainable sourcing. Our progress in the area of sustainability was rewarded with a bronze medal this year.


We are constantly working to preserve and protect the environment. To make an important contribution to environmental protection, we have already taken measures such as installing solar roofs, investing in electric mobility, training our employees to conserve resources, and creating habitats for bee colonies at some locations. We also select suppliers who share our values and purchase products and services that meet our sustainability criteria.

Responsible corporate governance

Sustainable management is one of our four strategic goals. We attach great importance to maintaining and strengthening our clinics and practices in the long term and securing jobs. We actively support our clinics and practices in the areas of finance, human resources and more in order to promote sustainable development.

We value dialogue and open communication between our employees and management. Regular face-to-face meetings with different groups of people allow us to discuss and manage social issues, labor relations and other relevant topics together. We attach great importance to taking into account the needs and interests of all employees and organize, among other things, strategy, clinic manager, pharmacist and country meetings.


We are actively committed to diversity in our horse clinics and veterinary practices worldwide and have signed the Charta der Vielfalt, among other things. The aim of this initiative is to promote diversity and inclusion in companies. We want to create a working environment in which all employees feel welcome and valued – regardless of gender, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

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