Merger with Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst

Published On: 20. March 2024

We are delighted to welcome Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst to our group!

At Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst the love for horses is paramount. The experienced team of 17 veterinarians and a further 40 employees combines specialist knowledge and experience to ensure a happy and fulfilling life for the big four-legged animals.

Under the leadership of Carsten Rohde, the founder and head veterinarian, the perfectly coordinated team of experts is committed to the health and welfare of the horses. The love for the animals and the motivation to enable a harmonious relationship of horse and rider characterize the work in the horse clinic. The clinic is available around the clock to ensure the best possible care for horses in an emergency. Highly trained specialists and modern medical technology enable individual treatment approaches to ensure the best possible care for each patient.

One focus of Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst is the rapid and comprehensive care of emergency patients. The focus here is on issues such as broken bones, cuts and colic symptoms. In addition, the horse clinic offers the entire spectrum of equine surgery with a focus on orthopedic surgery and colic surgery. All examinations from the hoof to the knee joint can be carried out in the clinic’s own MRI.

The team generally relies on modern technologies such as endoscopic surgery and laser surgery in order to integrate scientific progress and keep surgical procedures at the cutting edge of equine medicine. Other services offered by the Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst include orthopedics, sports horse medicine, surgery, internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, dentistry, gynecology, foal medicine, ophthalmology and chiropractic.

We look forward to working with Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst. Welcome to the group!

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