Strategic Partnership between Altano and VetPD

Published On: 10. July 2024

Lifelong learning is not just a phrase for us at Altano. That‘s why we are constantly on the lookout for new, like-minded partners who have made the pursuit of education and knowledge the cornerstone of everything they do.

We are therefore proud to announce a strategic partnership between Altano and VetPD – Veterinary Professional Development, a renowned leader in global veterinary continuing education. This partnership underscores Altano’s commitment to supporting its veterinarians and technicians/nurses through the provision of cutting-edge educational resources covering all of veterinary medicine.

Altano Academy, our diverse education platform, now features VetPD’s extensive array of high-quality interactive online learning materials covering all disciplines and including different formats. Additionally, VetPD is enhancing our inhouse offerings with premium, hands-on training sessions for veterinarians worldwide.

VetPD was founded in 2011 and is an innovative global market leader in the provision of high-end interactive veterinary continuing education (CE) with the world’s leading subject matter experts. Their hand-picked speakers comprise world-renowned specialists (many from Altano practices, clinics/hospitals) who are eager to share practical insights, including successes, failures and invaluable tips & tricks, as well as openly addressing controversial topics.

A strong partnership results in mutual benefits.  For VetPD this partnership has made it possible to recruit and hire a COO, allowing it to take its Courses, Destination Events & Online Learning offerings to new heights globally.  This will allow VetPD to further cement its reputation as trendsetter and leader in the veterinary education sector. VetPD will remain fully autonomous, neutral and fiercely independent with the goal of further establishing itself as the go-to CE platform and provider for all veterinary professionals worldwide. Altano commits to neither influencing educational content, chosen speakers nor locations where VetPD’s courses will be held and welcomes for VetPD to continue running courses at facilities owned by other groups.  Altano is keen for VetPD to further expand its partnerships with other veterinary healthcare providers including but not limited to NVA, IVC Evidensia, VetsNow, CVS, TeamVet, APIAM, PetVet Care Centers, VEZZ Group etc..

This strategic partnership aims for VetPD to continue to establish itself as the premier forum where vets and specialists from all over the world can share experiences, knowledge and technical skills, in addition to openly exchanging ideas, debating challenges, comparing approaches and pushing the boundaries of education, with a lasting impact on the profession and veterinary medicine as a whole.

Together we can make a difference in the veterinary world, and we are delighted that Altano and VetPD will be going down a common path in the future. Let’s jointly take veterinary education to the next level!

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