Merger with ProSAANI

Published On: 15. November 2023

We are very pleased to welcome ProSAANI to our Altano Group!

ProSAANI = Pro Sanitate Animalis = For the health of animals! This is what the ProSAANI team with Martin Grell as CEO represents. The ProSAANI logo symbolizes their philosophy: on the one hand veterinarians, owners and horses fit together like a puzzle, on the other hand veterinarians form a unit with osteopaths, hoof trimmers etc. for the welfare of the animals’ health.

Modern therapeutic equipment, such as cold plasma devices and magnetic/light therapy equipment, is used across disciplines. In addition to specializing in equine dentistry since 2000, another focus of the treatments is a holistic approach based on many years of experience as a racetrack and endurance veterinarian, including collaboration with specialists in the field of equine health. For example, ProSAANI vet Melanie Jargosch is currently working on her doctoral thesis on the connection between watery stools and stomach problems in horses, while FEI vet Sercan Koray Yendim is also researching the anti-Müllerian hormone in mare gynecology.

In addition to sport and leisure horses, special attention is paid to geriatric equine patients, who often present complex challenges to practitioners. The ProSAANI team is happy to take on this challenge. In the field of internal medicine, bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, mobile ultrasound and an in-house laboratory are also available for rapid diagnosis and treatment. The dental specialists travel in several teams with practice vehicles that are also equipped for dental specialties. This allows them to “shed light on the darkness of the horse’s mouth” even during outpatient treatment with portable dental endoscopes, digital x-rays, etc. The dental treatments themselves are performed with high quality electrical equipment from various international manufacturers. Manual therapy with hand rasps is still essential in equine dentistry. In Hoppegarten, ProSAANI has a treatment room specially equipped for the treatment of equine teeth. This room not only allows complex dental operations and corrections to be carried out, but also serves as a training facility for future equine dentists.

We look forward to working with ProSAANI. Welcome to the group!

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