Merger with Mälaren Hästklinik

Published On: 22. December 2021

We are pleased to welcome the Swedish clinic group Mälaren Hästklinik as a new member of Altano.

With six clinics and practices, Mälaren offers an excellent coverage in the east of Sweden, with the hospital close to Stockholm and clinics following the lake Mälaren inlands and beyond.

With close to 25 000 visits annually, the clinics are one of the most busy in Sweden.

The equine clinic in Sigtuna is the main location with a specialisation on orthopaedics, surgery, inpatient care and advanced dental care and internal medicine. Newly built with state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic runs two operating theatres, an adjacent indoor riding and lunging arena with different flooring types, as well as stationary stables with intensive care and isolation boxes. The location offers patients the best medical care on stationary and ambulatory basis by utilizing the most modern diagnostic procedures such as MRI and further imaging techniques. The work of the Veterinarians and Tech assistants is supported by physiotherapists, who are a valuable addition especially in the field of rehabilitation. In Sigtuna they also have a fully equipped laboratory with a fulltime medical laboratory scientist. The hospital offers a full emergency service 24/7.

The Hölö, Linköping and Vallentuna sites specialise in orthopaedics, purchase examinations and dentistry. With modern diagnostic techniques, such as digital X-ray, endoscope and gastroscope, as well as access to the riding hall, riding arena and lunging ring, the locations are optimally equipped for comprehensive diagnosing and treatment of all types of horses. Blood tests can also be carried out and handled at the locations. With innovative therapy options such as IRAP, PRP and stem cells as well as traditional treatments and shock wave therapy, the referral clinics offer a highest medical standard with modern diagnostic procedures. Additional physiotherapists support the work of the veterinarians at these sites as well.

The Runsten location is opened one day a week and supported by the Hölö clinic team and offers clients a nearby point of contact for outpatient and scheduled treatments. Skästa is opened twice a week, supported by the Sigtuna clinic team.

Under the management of Gustaf Croon, Axel Wallman and Hakan Engdahl, a strong and competent team of close to 100 employees, 27 of whom are veterinarians, works daily for the well-being of the horses. We look forward to a good cooperation and say welcome to the Mälaren Hästklinik team!

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