Merger with iKeyVet in Denmark

Published On: 25. September 2022

We are very happy to welcome the mobile equine clinic iKeyVet to the group!

iKeyVet is something very special, as Denmark’s first fully equipped equine clinic, which is completely mobile. With these extremely well-equipped mobile clinics build in Cargo Vans, examinations and treatments, normally only done at an Equine Hospital, are carried out by iKeyVet at the horse’s location. This means significantly less stress and effort for both horse and owner.

Founder Karsten Key studied in Copenhagen and subsequently worked for several years at one of England’s leading clinics and later at a hospital in Denmark. In 2010 the dream of a mobile horse clinic came true with iKeyVet.

The iKeyVet team now consists of 9 veterinarians. Each of them is specialized in different fields, with a focus on sports medicine. Several veterinarians are broadening their expertise with the ISELP program and Kristian Ringkjaer Andresen is a Certified ISELP member.

With this broad know-how, the team is also frequently called in by other clinics as external expertise with lameness or performance examinations.

„At iKeyVet, horses come first, and we take pride in always doing what is best for the horse and owner with evidence-based diagnostics and treatments. “

iKeyVet has always focused on innovation – the i in iKeyVet symbolizes exactly this.

As an example, Karsten Key has developed the training platform Equiloco, where veterinarians can give customized rehabilitation plans to horse owners in the Equiloco app.

We are proud to welcome this strong team with their innovative concept as part of Altano!

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