Merger with Højgård Hestehospital Odense

Published On: 1. June 2021

The Altano Group GmbH is a merger of leading equine clinics and practices, initially in German-speaking countries. With SMDC in the Netherlands and Florian Lackner’s Hästklinik in Sweden, we were able to win the first clinics outside of Germany for the group. It became apparent that veterinary medicine has the same challenges and opportunities across countries, because what unites everyone is a passion for animals, a commitment to the profession and the quest for more knowledge. This drive and the opportunities for further development come together in the Altano Group, making it the leading group of equine clinics in Europe. In addition to providing the best medical care, we strive to be the employer of the future for our employees. The international transfer of knowledge and the cohesion of the group are key to this.

We are therefore particularly pleased to further develop this international orientation of the Group and warmly welcome our first member in Denmark: Højgård Hestehospital, Odense, with the Board of Directors Michael Hansen and Jonas Rasmussen and CEO Dorthe Rasmussen together with the Executive Management Board Søren Ladefoged, Martin Hjorth Jensen, Lars Bak and Rikke Munk Andersen will be affiliated to Altano Denmark from 25 May 2021.

Every day, a team of 53 employees from 9 countries including 15 veterinarians give their best to their patients with passion, expertise and a lot of personality. The team is made up of various specialists so that they cover all aspects of the horse’s health as well as all equestrian disciplines.

Højgård Hestehospital includes in-hospital and outgoing services, both with 24 hours coverage. The well-equipped clinic includes operation theatre, intern medicine facilities, several treatment facilities, indoor extermination hall, equestrian hall, MRI, scientigraphy, x-ray, fitness, laboratory, pharmacy and extensive out-door facilities. 62 horses can be hospitalised including intensive care and surveillance. Interns are accommodated at the clinic.

Højgård Hestehospital Odense is working closely with Højgård Hesteklinik Århus in Højbjerg and Hestedoktoren in Kirke Hyllinge, as well as Højgård Hestepraksis in Øster Assels and Højgård Hesteklinik in Vodskov.

Dr. Victor Baltus: “Højgård Hestehospital Odense is a particularly valuable member for our group. We are sharing the same values and passion for the welfare of horses and are looking forward to expand the Altano International Network in Denmark. We are very happy to welcome the whole team to our group!”

Michael Hansen and Jonas Rasmussen: “We are also very pleased being a member of the Altano family. Already with Højgård Hestehospital A/S we could experience the many advantages of a merger and look forward to the now extended possibilities of international exchange.”

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