Merger with Hestetandklinikken

Published On: 30. August 2022

Happy welcome to our new member Hestetandklinikken!

The equine dental clinic strengthens our network in Denmark, covering the entire Sjælland, Lolland, Falster and Fyn on a daily basis and doing advanced treatment in Jylland and Bornholm on a regular basis and also advanced work in Sweden on a regular basis.

Veterinarian Jesper Rosenmeier’s passion has always been equine teeth and the desire to specialise and improve equine dentistry. With this vision in mind, he founded Hestetandklinikken in 2016 and was in 2017 joined by Anders Christiansen who has been working most of his veterinarian career with dentistry. Nicolaj Bac has also been dedicated to teeth for many years and joined in 2020. Together they are running Hestetandklinikken and the team altogether is  7 veterinarians, 3 technicians and an office assistant.

All veterinarians at Hestetandklinikken are trained, experienced vets who have acquired a wealth of knowledge in equine dentistry over the years. From routine floatings, dental diseases, normaltooth extractions to advanced treatments buccotomi fillings and surgery of the sinus system, everything is possible with this team.

“At Hestetandklinikken, passion, presence, professionalism and flexibility are always the driving forces behind our work. The goal is to provide the optimal examination and treatment every time, it being floatings or more advanced treatments.”

Providing the optimal treatment for each animal, that is also part of Altano’s mission. Therefore, we are even more pleased to have this passionate and professional team as part of Altano!

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