Merger with Equine clinic Meerbusch

Published On: 10. July 2022

We are very pleased: The equine clinic Meerbusch is part of the Altano Group since July!

The modern clinic is well located in the small community of Langst-Kierst, a district of Meerbusch in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In April 1998, the founders, Dr Jan Carlos Merkt and Dr Udo Zehl, opened the doors of the clinic. Since January 2015, Dr Hendrik van Gemmeren has strengthened the management team. In the meantime, the three are supported by other veterinarians, veterinary assistants, administrative staff and stable staff.

The team cares for its four-legged patients with a competent hand and a lot of heart, who are admitted and treated here around the clock. For this purpose, 40 boxes, various treatment rooms, an operating room and the intensive care unit are available. The Intensive Care Unit is directly connected to the treatment rooms and the operating room in order to provide fast and intensive care. Extensive examinations are also possible in the exercise hall, on the riding arena or the sand galloping track.

With this team strength, it is not surprising that a wide range of treatment options is offered. With orthopaedics, surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine, gynaecology as well as emergency medicine such as for colics, the Meerbusch equine clinic can cover an extremely wide range of specialist areas.

We are delighted to welcome this experienced and dynamic team as part of Altano!

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