Merger with Dyrlægerne Nørhald

Published On: 23. May 2022

We are very pleased to welcome the equine clinic Dyrlægerne Nørhald to the Altano Group!

In the north of Denmark, about 60 km north of Aarhus, the team of the equine clinic Dyrlægerne Nørhald cares for its patients with great passion. The history of the clinic goes back a long way: as early as 1930, a veterinary practice was set up on the premises, which was expanded in 1987 to include today’s clinic. Originally, both small animals and horses were treated here, until the focus shifted to a solely equine clinic in 1993.

Today, Dyrlægerne Nørhald is the fourth largest private equine clinic in Denmark and the largest in Central and Northern Jutland. The clinic is characterised by the most state-of-the-art equipment, optimal examination conditions and surgical facilities of a high standard. For example, the surgery room was still being completely renovated at the end of 2020 and was opened in 2021. For stationary patients, 20 large boxes and 7 well-kept paddocks are available.

The clinic team around managing director and veterinarian Jacob Greve and veterinarian Jens Korfitz, who both studied veterinary medicine at Copenhagen University, now includes 7 veterinarians and 4 veterinary assistants.

Together they care for their patients in a wide range of specialties: They are responsible for a large ambulatory first opinion practice, provide elective surgery and run a referral clinic.

Most referrals are lameness examinations of warmbloods and trotters from professional trainers. Since 2014, objective gait analysis has been used in all diagnostic work at Dyrlægerne Nørhald.

Regenerative medicine for orthopaedic diseases is also very important here, so it is not surprising that the clinic is currently involved in research with mesenchymal stem cells in horses.

In the spring and summer, artificial insemination with frozen and chilled semen and reproduction services in one of Denmark’s largest thoroughbred studs are on the agenda.

Animals and people are the main focus at Dyrlægerne Nørhald, which is also reflected in the ISO 9001 certificate for practice management that the clinic was awarded by the Danish Veterinary Association. Every patient and their owner can find the treatment options they need for their individual needs here. Good communication, trust and credibility are of great importance.

An equally wonderful and competent team combined with almost 100 years of experience in veterinary medicine – we are very pleased to have gained a true enrichment for our group with the Dyrlægerne Nørhald Equine Clinic and its team!

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