Merger with Clinique d’Argonay

Published On: 8. July 2022

We are very pleased to welcome the French equine clinic of Argonay to the Altano Group!

In the heart of the French Alps, between Lake Annecy and Lake Geneva, you will find the Clinique d‘Argonay. A multidisciplinary and multigenerational team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and administrative staff is working here, offering a wide range of expertise and high quality service.

With 7 veterinarians and 5 veterinary technicians, the team focuses on general medicine, orthopaedics, arthroscopic surgery, laparoscopy, digestive surgery, emergency medicine and reproduction with embryo transfer and oocyte puncture (OPU). Furthermore, the clinic also operates a discretionary canine service line.

For optimal diagnosis and treatment, the clinic utilizes a state-of-the-art equine operating theatre, 2 consulting rooms, 13 hospital boxes, 2 isolation boxes and 3 intensive care boxes.

Beyond the focus on the daily veterinary service offering, the leadership team at Argonay actively develops and supports the staff at the clinic. Continuous education is strongly encouraged and supported by the whole team, as is the joy of working together for the welfare and well-being of the horses. Argonay thus fits in perfectly with the Altano philosophy, where the dedication to the well-being of our patients is put first.

“Quality of life, professionalism, integrity, team spirit, reliability and fairness are the common values of the clinic. We want to live these together with Altano and are highly motivated to be a part of Altano France,” the team agrees.

We are pleased to welcome such a competent and highly motivated team as part of the Altano Group!

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