Merger with Clinique équine de Grosbois

Published On: 25. January 2022

It is true our pleasure to welcome “Clinique équine de Grosbois” as the first clinic in France to join the Altano Group.

With this high calibre addition, we continue our growth strategy in the European region.

The “Clinique equine de Grosbois” is located within the exceptional Domaine de Grosbois in the vicinity of a Napoleonic castle and in a place where first-class trotters prepare for world-famous races. The state-of-the art clinic runs two operating theatres using advanced methods for the benefit of the animals. The continuous development of innovative and disruptive procedures is the key feature of the clinic and the team.

The clinic is well-equipped with edge-cutting techniques such as a highspeed treadmill, overground endoscopies, radiography, ultrasonography and fluoroscopy for surgery as well as lasers for upper airway surgeries and electrostimulation device for the treatment of sarcoids.

The clinic developed specific know-how for the treatment of equine laryngeal hemiplegia (called “cornage” in French) as well as nerve grafting and neurodynamic prosthetics on standing horses. Furthermore, the team gained extensive experience in the treatment of bone fractures. The head of the clinic, Dr. Fabrice Rossignol, a specialist veterinarian in and renowned surgeon, performs operations to highest medical standards in an international context, mainly in Sweden, Germany and Spain as well as other countries around the world. Dr. Aude Heitzmann is a renowned specialist in pathology of the musculoskeletal system and completes the management team of the clinic.

The “Clinique equine de Grosbois” currently has 25 boxes for in-patients as well as an outdoor area for lameness examinations with a pre-training track as well as circles on hard and soft ground. With the planned extension of the clinic including a new building, these capacities, among others, will be significantly expanded.

The pillar of the clinic is the team around Dr. Fabrice Rossignol and Dr. Aude Heitzmann, consisting of 30 employees, 15 of whom are veterinarians, including reputable specialists from various disciplines such as Dr. Valérie Deniau, a specialist in internal medicine. Staff development and training are core values here. Grosbois is a renowned location for education and training, welcoming many residencies, trainees and internships. As a result, numerous scientific articles based on research conducted at the clinic have already been published in recent years. Napoleon’s General Berthier, who lived centuries ago in a castle near the clinic, would certainly have been impressed and delighted to see horses being cared for and treated here!

As quality, horses’ well-being and continuous improvement as well as the exchange of know-how and the transfer of knowledge are key parts of culture and vision of both the “Clinique de Grosbois” and Altano Group, we warmly welcome to our new member and look forward to a trustful and fruitful cooperation.

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